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Women entrepreneurs, if you're tired of the constant hustle, then keep reading

Do you want another way to promote and market your business that doesn’t require as much work but will allow you to actually make more money? 


As a business owner, I used to preach the hustling culture and expected myself to put 100% of my energy into my business.

I'd stay awake thinking about all the endless tasks I’d have to get back to the next day. This was a major reason I had anxiety when I thought about my business. 

And it got to the point I had no energy left for the important people and things in my life that make life beautiful and exciting. 


I didn’t see my family for months at a time and lived at my computer desk which I stayed at from 7am til 11pm. 

We will be setting intentions throughout the program, learning productivity and mindset hacks and will focus on these 4 pillars during the 8 week program 🗓:

Pillar 1

We are going to help you get extremely clear on WHO YOU ARE 🙌 as a brand and as a person. We have a unique questionnaire process to make this very easy which will get you clear on your values, mission statement, competitive advantage, etc. ​

Pillar 2

We are going to help you get extremely clear on WHO YOU  HELP.🤝 The way that we do this is through a unique research process that breaks down your ideal audience, and helps you connect your brand insights from the questionnaire with the perfect audience that wants your service. As well we’ll do research 🧠on WHO YOUR COMPETITORS ARE so you can create a unique offer.​

Pillar 3

We will help you take all of those new branding insights and work with a team that we’ve pre-vetted to create your brand assets. We are going to show you how to work with contractors to create a logo, website, photography, and brand guide. ✍️ 

Pillar 4

Now that you have a brand it is time to 💲monetize💲! We are going to teach you how to create content with pre-made content calendars to be able to bring your new brand to life and get clients with content that converts! ​

Section Title

SO this course is for you IF:


🌟 You’re a business owner who’s been hustling and is tired.

🌟 Want to get aligned with your business goals.

🌟 You want to show up authentically so nothing feels “forced” or off. 

🌟 You want to learn how to create balance - your own defined version of what balance means to you.

🌟 You're open to trying a new way of marketing that will allow you to use your femininity as a magic power.